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About Us

Why Coding Crew?

Coding Crew was started out of a need to create a program where students could start learning computer programming skills at an earlier age than when most public schools offer them. 


As highlighted, there will be over 1.4 million jobs available in computer science in 2020. Yet, at the moment, at best we will have only 400,000 new computer science graduates. With these estimates, we are severely behind creating future computer scientists.  And it's not just about computer science, the skills students will learn encompasses many fields.  Not every kid will be a programmer, but programming is just one of the skills we focus on our classes. 


We teach kids 3 C's that we believe are essential for kids in the future:

- Computational Thinking,

- Collaboration

- Creativity 

If your child is interested in Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft then your children will enjoy being stimulated in this specialty camp.  Students will learn to collaborate with their classmates and design and program their own games. 
Personal Interest:  

I started learning how to program when I was in elementary school with a program called LOGO - the turtle.  I remember it to this day, I really liked it and I was good at it but that wasn't enough as at that time there weren't any additional classes nor was technology around and available. Instead of pursuing computer science, I pursued other things but if  I were a kid today I would be playing Minecraft and figuring how to design my own game. It is with that in mind that I want to encourage kids to dream, create and develop.  

Educational Background:

I have two advanced degrees, one of which is in Educational Technology from Teachers College - Columbia University and currently working on my doctoral in Instructional Media and Distance Education.  During the school year, I teach AP Computer Science Principles, STEM (Intro to Computer Science) and Advanced STEM (Cybersecurity) classes at Basalt High School and I am excited to offer camps during the summer and after school classes.  I welcome a chance to meet and work with your kids.  Full Resume - click here.  




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